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Premium Mirin (Sweet cooking sake) . Slowly extracted aromatic sweetness and flavour. No sugar or additives of any kind are used. This is a special type of mirin brewed by brewers who spend a lot of time and effort to brew it. It is characterised by its clean aroma, rich sweetness and full-bodied flavour. It enhances the flavour and beauty of soups, simmered and grilled dishes.

Fuku-Mirin 720ml

15,00 €Preis
  • Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery, Ishikawa Japan.

    Fukumitsuya is Kanazawa's longest-established sake brewery, founded in 1625. In 2001, the brewery became a pure Junmaishu brewery thanks to the contract cultivation of rice since 1960, limpid brewing water from the foot of Mt Hakusan, and the traditional techniques of the brewers, who have continued to evolve while gaining cutting-edge support. Today, the company is also involved in the development of cosmetics and food products, utilising the rice fermentation technology it has cultivated over the years, and is developing directly managed shops and exports to promote sake as a part of Japanese culture both domestically and internationally.

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